Sometimes people ask to use my artwork as a design for a tattoo. I definitely take it as a huge compliment that you enjoy my work enough to commit to having it permanently. I’ve designed a couple of tattoos for friends in the past, and it’s a very cool thing to be a part of!

I only ask that 1) you ask my permission first, and 2) you purchase a print or something of similar value from my shop. Just as a tattoo artist would put time and effort into creating a design for you and they would be compensated for that work, contributing something to my online shop seems like a fair amount of compensation for the work I put into creating these images. I think spending $15 - $20 in my shop is a pretty reasonable request. Especially if you’re able to invest money into getting tattooed. Please do not get any of my artwork tattooed without my permission or without purchasing a print from my shop.

I would also ask that you credit me by tagging @garlandsandgravestones if you post any photos on Instagram. Seeing some finished images of your tattoo would be amazing! Thank you so much for your interest in my work. The support and appreciation means a great deal to me. 


All artwork and images belong to me, Sarah Boyce. Do not use any of my artwork or photographs of my artwork under any circumstances without my written permission. 


All prints, cards, and original artwork are shipped with tracking. I am not responsible for any lost or stolen orders. International customers are responsible for VAT taxes or handling fees. 

All sales are final. I do not do exchanges or accept any returns or cancellations.

Please contact me if your item was damaged during shipping or if there is a problem with your order and I will be glad to help.