Darksome Craft Market, Every Day is Halloween, Philly, PA, Sat. 10/8 11am


Garlands & Gravestones is the illustrative work of Sarah Magdalen Boyce.

This shop and all the work seen here was initially created to indulge an abiding love of autumn and winter holidays. It has grown to become a celebration of seasons and an exploration of peoples' relationship to the natural world and cycles of time. (Though the darker half of the year, in colder parts of the world, tends to need the most celebration to get through the gloomiest times!)

Influences include holiday folklore, ancient mythology, memento mori artwork, scary movies, memories of holiday crafting and the seasons of the upper midwest.

Sarah was born in Michigan in the middle of January. She currently lives in Washington DC. She spends a lot of time at museums. 

For questions or commissions, please email through the contact page. 

All images and artwork © Sarah Boyce 2022